Automated Portable Conveyors




Using the APC portable conveyor system for loading and unloading trucks offers substantial labor savings and optimizes your productivity. Typically you will load a trailer using half the manpower and half the time.

Automated Portable Conveyor
Automated Portable Conveyor

ACCI’s Portable Conveyor System,

APC is designed to be light weight and easily portable.

APC is fully reversible and can go up/down inclines and declines of 20 degrees.

APC Drive Section

APC Drive Section

APC Add on Section

APC Add on Section

APC Add-on Section

APC Add-on Section with Connection

APC is assembled and sold in 12.6″ sections.

APC can be assembled in lengths up to 100′.

APC Portable Conveyor can move up to 750 lbs. per 75′
of conveyor length with a single driver section.